Security, IT and Infrastructure

Working in Accordance with Global Standards of Information Security and Data Protection

Global standards of information security and data protection.

Physical Infrastructure

Our physical infrastructure set-up process ensures that we are able to achieve the following primary goals

We have implemented the below to meet our physical infrastructure objectives.

  • Dedicated Infrastructure

    fixed office and workstation for every employee

  • Access Control Systems

    Entry to every floor restricted only to employees stationed at the particular floor through biometrics access control

  • Video Surveillance

    24/ 7 surveillance through CCTV cameras

  • Mobile phone restriction

    No cell phones allowed on the floor. Cell phones stored in the lockers outside the office.

  • Restriction on printing of documents

    Access granted to team leads and above

  • Fire safety

    Necessary fire safety equipment in place.

Security Control Policies

Access to Client’s data and Server

Data Security Measures

PABS Security Program (Policies and Procedures)