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Pacific Accounting & Business Services at Meineke Dealers Association Bi-Annual Convention

Pacific Accounting & Business Services (PABS) is a presenter at Meineke Dealers Association (MDA) Bi-Annual Convention – April 4-7, 2023, in Arizona, Phoenix. During the convention, PABS unfolded some of its customized accounting solutions to Meineke dealers and vendor partners. 

PABS has been a leading outsourced accounting service provider to independent auto care shops and franchise owners across the US for more than a decade now. It has also been a popular name in the Meineke franchise world as a trusted accounting partner.  

PABS offers PathQuest Scale to Meineke Franchise owners (single/ multi-shop) and help them overcome challenges around Cash collections, Vendor and Bank Reconciliation, Return Part Management, Deposit Sales Reconciliation, Forecasting, etc.

As a part of our Scale solution, PABS also helps them with improvement opportunities, financial analysis, P&L forecast up to 24 months, competitive intelligence and more…PathQuest Scale is helping 220+ franchise owners like you to save up to 50 percent on operational expenses and improve cash flow.  

PABS has a pool of 850+ certified professionals. As a part of the accounting ecosystem, PABS also offers PathQuest BI (Next-Gen Business Intelligence Solution), PathQuest AP (Smart Accounts Payable Solution) and PathQuest Scale (a powerful blend of Offshore Accounting and Financial Intelligence). 

Get in Touch with PABS to simplify accounting and improve financial control with top-notch blended shore outsourcing services. 

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