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Pacific Accounting & Business Services at Small Business Expo in Miami on February 23, 2023

Pacific Accounting & Business Services (PABS) attended Small Business Expo, the America’s biggest business networking and educational event for business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs. It was held in Miami on February 23, 2023.

John Bugh, the Chief Revenue Officer of PABS was at Small Business Expo to empower small and medium businesses across multiple industries to transform and scale with blended shore outsourcing.

For the last 14 years, PABS has been offering robust accounting solutions, thereby improving business operations & driving better profits. PABS brings an impactful change at the intersection of people, processes and technology. High-end accuracy is a trait that runs in the DNA of its 800+ Skilled Accountants.

Accounting Solution Ecosystem for Small & Medium Businesses

PABS is on the mission to simplify accounting and financial reporting for small and medium businesses. As a part of the accounting solution ecosystem, PABS has rolled out PathQuest BI (Business Intelligence) and PathQuest AP (Accounts Payable).

PathQuest BI is a financial intelligence solution that helps analyze and visualize large, complex data sets seamlessly. It instantly builds compelling visual stories around financial efficiency, operational KPIs, business sustainability, and improvement areas. Moreover, it enables better cash flow forecasting and current and predictive insights of business operations for making informed decisions.

Similarly, to add more value, PABS has developed PathQuest AP, a smart accounts payable automation solution. It helps simplify and collaborate accounts payable documentation, communication and purchase order system on a single platform. Thus, it enables best control and visibility over business expenses. Manage & pay your bills faster with vendors’ preferred method, including PO system, ACH, credit card, and check payments.

PABS also offers PathQuest Scale, which is a powerful blend of accounting and financial intelligence. It enables small and medium businesses to overcome accounting woes and make informed decisions with powerful financial insights from real-time data.

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Chief Revenue Officer

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