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Beyond managing displays, sales, personnel, and other other areas of operations, Retailers require a close eye on the large variety of metrics behind the scenes which include labor cost, cost of goods, administrative costs, sales trends, seasonal comparisons, promotion tracking and so much more. PABS has many years of experience in tracking, accounting and reporting for retail environments both large and small. PABS offers a customizable package to meet any Retailer’s needs. PABS understands the industry based needs for any size Retailer. Do you need Live Accounting with Sales and Invoices that are Recorded Daily, Weekly or Monthly Services? PABS can provide periodic tasks daily, weekly or monthly that can save you time and money.

Service options include

  •  Daily Sales Recording
  •  Detailed Labor Reporting
  •  Detailed Food & Beverage Cost Reporting
  •  Bank Reconciliation & Cash  Flow
  • Accounts Payable
  •  Accounts Receivable
  •  Payroll Support
  •  Coupon service tracking –  Groupon, Living Social
  • MOFOS Support (Mobile & Online Food Ordering Services)
  • Statistical Reporting
  • 1099
  • Sales Tax
  • Accounting Software
  • Year-end Tax, Audit, & Review Support

Detail Content

Daily Sales Reporting and Reconciliation

Detailed Labor Reporting

  • PABS provides as much Labor detail as you need. Department based? Or more detail with Managers, Clerks, Warehouse, etc. What do you want Measured?
  • PABS records Labor on Accrual Basis so the cost is shown on the P&L
    which reflects only what was incurred for that period.

Detailed Product Cost Reporting

  • PABS purchases are recorded in categories to match sales, by department, product category, etc.
  • Product Costs are reported in dollars and in a percent of sales.
  • PABS reconciles Vendor Statements to ensure all invoices are recorded. Invoices should generally be coded and approved by Management before being recorded.

Bank Reconciliation & Cash Flow

  • PABS provides a Full Bank Reconciliation of the Cash Activity for your Business.
  • PABS can provide Cash Projections so you know at any given time what to expect for Cash Flow.

Accounts Payable

  • Daily Invoice Processing
  • Monthly Vendor Statement Reconciliation
  • Vendor Aging Reports
  • Monthly Balance Sheet Reconciliations

Statistical Reporting

  • PABS can track Average Checks, Customer Counts, Sales by Day Part and reporting can include these Statistics and anything your business requires.

Sales Tax

  • Monthly Sales Tax Processing & Filings

Payroll Support

  • Timesheet Processing

Accounts Receivable

  • Reconcile any Receivables the Restaurant carries (i.e. Events, Catering, Employee Advances, etc.)

Coupon Service Tracking (i.e. Groupon, Living Social, etc.)

  • Reconcile Accounts for your Coupon Accounts.


  • PABS can Track and Store W-9s
  • PABS Provides Year-End 1099 and 1096 Processing

Accounting Software

  • Has your Restaurant outgrown Quickbooks? Do you need more Complex Reporting? Would you like to see Live Data in a Dashboard? PABS can provide Cloud Based Solutions for Accounting and File Storage.

Year-End Tax, Audit & Review Support

  • PABS provides a complete Year-End Package to your CPA reducing your cost at the same time.
  • PABS can provide clients that have significant Bank Loans a Full Audit and Review Support Services that meet your CPA requirements.
  • Are you going through a Company Audit? PABS can provide Complete & Accurate Record Keeping that saves our clients a lot of trouble with an IRA audit.