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Why Architectural Drafting Services Should Be Outsourced

The world has changed, and the design and architecture industry is no exception. Digital transformation and emerging technologies have shifted trends, and one of the possibilities open to design firms now is that they can choose to outsource services such as architectural design, accounting, and so forth. What are the benefits of outsourcing, and why should businesses consider this option?

There are a number of benefits to outsourcing architectural drafting services. For SMBs especially, outsourcing can help you reach strategic milestones for growth and expansion quicker than you would onboarding new talent and physically scaling up your operations. Regardless of business size, here are some of the advantages.

1. Accessing Skills and Expertise

For any project, no matter how complicated, two major decisions your organization will face are who to assign the work to and what tools they’ll use. However, if a project is more complex, your in-house staff may not have the expertise, and your company may not have access to the optimal tools yet. Additionally, your current workload may have existing personnel tied up.

Outsourcing gives you the option of acquiring the necessary talent without the resources needed to hire such talent, and you can gain access to technological tools at their disposal that your organization may not have.

2. Benefitting From Flexible Engagement Models

Outsourcing provides you with an opportunity to determine how your team of architects interacts with your design team, your client, and your company in general. For example, you can outsource the whole project and simply maintain operational control, or you can create a hybrid model where the outsourced team collaborates with your in-house team. You can adapt whatever model you choose to suit the needs of the customer, the timeframe of the project, or your organization’s workload. Such flexibility allows you greater control over productivity and helps to keep projects on track.

3. Improving Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing architectural drafting services can improve cost efficiency in a number of ways.

  • It reduces stress levels and thereby increases productivity on your in-house team, which may be juggling numerous projects and deadlines.
  • It allows you to access the full resources and expertise of the outsourcing company without having to make any significant investment of your own.
  • The increased experience and talent gained may lead to smarter solutions and increased customer satisfaction.

4. Leveraging Efficient Design and Space Utilization

Sophisticated technological tools are available that help to optimize the way design uses space and provides access. Design considerations can also ease maintenance issues in the long run. So having access to firms that already use these tools and provide these services can help to reduce overhead costs and avoid wasting time and productivity.

5. Ensuring Standards Compliance

Outsourcing firms likely follow international design codes and standards, such as ASME, ANSI, and DIN. Hiring their services can help you ensure your structural designs are reliable and compliant.

Since 2008, Pacific Accounting and Business Services (PABS) has offered outsourcing advice and resources helping businesses of all sizes achieve peace of mind, efficiency, and productivity. Contact PABS today to find out how outsourcing engineering design can benefit your business as you move forward with your strategy for growth and expansion.

By John Bugh

John Bugh is Chief Revenue Officer for Pacific Accounting and Business Services (PABS), responsible for the strategic direction, planning, vision, growth, and performance of the company’s marketing, branding, and revenue streams.

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