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PABS is a Bookkeeping & Accounting Services Provider

  • PABS uses a Team Approach & each Client is assigned a PABS Team of Experienced Accountants.
  • PABS keeps our costs at a minimum while providing High Levels of Accuracy & Responsiveness.
  • PABS clients receive 40-50% Savings from their existing accounting costs when they sign with PABS.
  • PABS Solution Oriented Method aligns the accounting function to meet the needs of your business.
  • PABS Expert Professionals suggest and implement New Solutions & Processes designed to make your Office Processes more efficient.
  • PABS clients benefit from PABS Expertise including Industry-Specific Best Practices.
  • PABS clients receive a Contracted Service Level as a Minimum Level of Performance.
  • PABS provides High Quality Reporting that can be the Foundation for your Financial IQ.
  • PABS offers Flexibility & Customer Focus which allows you to manage your changing Business Dynamics seamlessly.