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Why Outsource?

• Improve accounting function expertise
• Improve financial reporting
• Save on back office costs
• Eliminate future accounting staff turnover
• Prepare for significant growth with a scalable solution
• Apply a team approach rather than employing an individual

From Forbes Magazine, July 12, 2013 “A recent report from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) found that companies using F&A outsourcing believe they will reduce costs but lose control. However, as they realize those cost advantages, they see that quality is rising because benchmarks are being applied to their performance. In the end, the report concludes, companies could see control was improving, too.”


Where superior service meets superior technology.

In today's competitive environment, business owners and managers must take advantage of any opportunity that allows them to concentrate on revenue-generating operations. With our suite of professional accounting services, PABS clients are assured that their accounting and financial functions are being handled by accounting experts utilizing industry best practices.