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Accounting Services for Auto Care Franchises, Independent Owners & Collision Repair

Enabling owners to focus on strategic objectives of their business, while we eliminate all their accounting woes.

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  • Trusted accounting partner for 300+ locations
    Trusted accounting partner for 300+ locations
  • Serving Midas, Meineke, Car Star and other auto care brands
    Serving Midas, Meineke, CarStar and other auto care brands
  • Familiarity with leading POS software
    Familiarity with leading POS software

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Detailed Insights into Your Business Financial Health

With so many moving parts in the auto repair business, establishing internal controls and processes is a constant challenge. As an independent auto repair shop or a franchisee owner, you need to identify ways to drive more profit, cut operational expenses, ensure sustainability and overcome compliance challenges.

PABS has been providing unparalleled auto repair shop accounting and bookkeeping services to the auto care industry for more than a decade. We are a trusted partner for 300+ auto care locations that benefit from our deep domain expertise and insights resulting in improved business profitability. We are technology agnostic and have the ability to set-up a cost-effective and proven accounting process that would help to capture key performance metrics of your shop, control costs and maximize profitability.

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Software Agnostic

We are software agnostic that makes us more strategic, agile and reliable.


  • Get access to the required experience, expertise, technology and specialization

  • Freeing critical resources to focus on daily operations and innovation

  • Hiring a team of experts eliminates inefficiency in accounting and ensures compliance

  • Experienced team and expertise to get down to the nitty-gritty of your business

  • Scale the team as per the requirement saving time and investment

  • Full-service accounting bringing insights beyond books and tracking expenses

  • Joe Stranik
    Joe Stranik
    Midas Owner, Minneapolis

    “I own 11 Midas in Minneapolis along with my Son and Brother. We made a decision to use PABS as our bookkeeping firm a few months ago and I must say that it has been one of the better decisions we made in a long time. PABS has been incredibly professional, responsive and they understand our business that’s probably the most important thing. Because they do so many Midas franchises books, they get all the unique things with Midas making this transaction incredibly smooth and very positive. We are delighted with our decision and couldn’t be more happier with PABS to launch this new endeavor. I would highly recommend considering PABS for your bookkeeping services.”

  • Bob Pereira
    Bob Pereira
    Owner, Midas Hawaii

    “After nearly three years working with Pacific Accounting and Business Services, we at Midas Hawaii can say that the team at PABS has our interest top of mind. Even more, the cost for the PABS service is about 50% of what we previously paid for an internal accounting staff. Their team has helped us create new reporting and procedures that led to better management and more profitable operation. Their detailed revenue, COGS and Gross Profit analyses have helped us to make informed decision for operations of our shops.”

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith
    Owner, Midas of Richmond

    “We outsourced the complete responsibility for our accounting to PABS. The internal control that PABS has brought into our business is impeccable and applied consistently by PABS. Be it the verification of daily cash deposit for each and every location or return parts tracking and management, PABS takes care of everything. We have been working with PABS Team since 2018, I highly recommend using them for your accounting needs.”

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