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Payroll Processing Support Services

Freeing you to focus on business expansion while we deliver accurate payroll reports and related documents

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  • Proven Expertise with Years of Experience
  • Consistent Payroll Processing Support
  • Experts Well-Versed with Various Payroll Processes

Payroll Processing Support Services for Small Medium Businesses

Modern businesses employ a wide range of skillsets and employees from different countries and on a permanent, temporary or contractual basis. As this trend continues to evolve, businesses confront unprecedented challenges to effectively and accurately manage payroll across the board. In addition, the changing government regulations and compliances further complicate payroll management.

At PABS, we understand the intricacies of payroll processing support. We have been working with several small, medium businesses and empowering them to make timely and prompt payments to their employees. Working with PABS will enable you to focus on your core business setup while we work towards eliminating inefficiencies, reporting and reduce cost through our payroll support and augment your payroll processing proficiency.

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Outsourced Payroll Processing Services

  • Payroll Data Sheet Maintenance
    Our experts help you design a payroll sheet based on the categories, groups, employees, and other requirements of your payroll
  • Payroll Taxes
    We ensure day-to-day maintenance of your payroll activities for tax audits and prepare you for local, federal and state tax returns
  • Payroll Administration
    We offer payroll time-card entries, employee salary calculation, payroll reporting, and tax planning services
  • Payroll Reconciliation
    We help reconcile your payroll accounts to ensure that the salary, wages, employer liabilities, and employee liabilities match your payroll register

Software Agnostic

We are software agnostic that makes us more strategic, agile and reliable.


  • Short or long-term payroll processing support during high activity periods such as year-end

  • Extensive payroll processing support across different payroll software

  • Trained professionals for seamless coordination with stakeholders to gather payroll information

  • Customized payroll support services to match your specific needs

  • Addressing compliances such as Provident Fund (PF), Professional Tax (PT), Employee State Insurance (ESI), and Labor Welfare Fund (LWF)

  • Comprehensive processes, resources and tools for effective payroll administration

  • Devina Flores
    Franchise Owner, AdvantaClean of Honolulu

    Nathan Whitaker and his team at Pacific Accounting & Business Services (PABS) are quiet professionals who get the job done at the right price. They have a very personal approach in making sure our book stays organize and up to date. I found comfort in knowing that I can always ask questions or assistance and they would always answer me promptly and professionally. I highly recommend Nathan Whitaker from PABS to other small business owners looking to outsource their bookkeeping needs.

  • Michael Galyen
    Owner, NapaSport SteakHouse and Sports Lounge

    I have been working with the PABS team for three years now. I have been extremely satisfied with their services. The support of the team and the information they provide has been integral to the financial workings of our operation. I would highly recommend their services.

  • Carmelita Andia
    Founder, Business Growth Solutions LLC

    Thanks to Pacific Accounting & Business Services, I can breeze through Tax Season with a lot less anxiety and pressure. Knowing Nathan has my back during this crazy period as last minute requests and catch up work piles up makes my life a lot easier. Their team is professional and knows every aspect of accounting and bookkeeping that is required in the scope of services I provide for my small to large account. I definitely recommend Nathan Whitaker.

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