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Year-End Accounting

Allowing you to run accurate reports and financial statements for your business for a period of 12 months

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  • Tax write-up (Year-end Accounting)
    Seamless Process to Review, Reconcile and Verify All Financial Transactions
  • Tax write-up (Year-end Accounting)
    Up-to-Date Recording of Income and Expenses
  • Tax write-up (Year-end Accounting)
    Faster, Accurate and Reliable Year-End Accounting

Year-end Accounting Services

Year-end accounting can be a real maze, especially when there’s a mountain of customers and transactions. Often, business owners juggle year-end accounting alongside sales and payroll chaos. The secret sauce is Up-to-date books. They’re your ticket to precise financial statements that paint the full picture of how your business is doing.

PABS steps in to save the day. Our pros make sure your year-end finances are in shipshape. We cover it all—transactions, taxes, and more—so you’re all set for a fresh year ahead. We’ve been in the game, helping tons of clients streamline, document, and digitize the year-end accounting hustle all year round.

Curious about our Accounting Consultation magic? Let’s chat and see how PABS can transform your year-end game.

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Outsourced Year-end Accounting Services

Get Ready for your game changing financial journey. With our customized year-end accounting services, blended seamlessly with cutting-edge technologies. At PABS, we proudly unveil a range of services that go beyond traditional boundaries, ensuring excellence at every turn. Our suite of solutions, while not confined to this list, encompasses the following essentials:

  • Gathering and analyzing financial statements
  • Reviewing accounts payable and receivable
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts and credit cards
  • Income and expense analysis
  • Preparation of financial statements and balance sheet
  • Comparing previous year and current year reports
  • Complete invoicing
  • Write-off bad debts
  • Intuit Quickbooks online
  • Intuit quickbooks Desktop
  • Intuit quickbooks self employed
  • Netsuite
  • xero
  • ProSeries Tax
  • ATX
  • Drake
  • CCH
  • Lacerte
  • Ultra tax Software
  • Intuit Proconnect
  • Thomson Reuters
  • right way
  • CCH Axcess
  • ProSystem fx Tax
  • Sage

Software Agnostic

We are software agnostic that makes us more strategic, agile and reliable.


  • Process-driven approach ensuring up-to-date financial records

  • Seamless collaboration with the onshore team for in-depth analysis and accurate reports

  • Minimizing processing time by standardizing and digitizing the process

  • Ensuring that you fulfill your state and federal obligations

  • Delivering key business insights integral to your business growth and profitability

  • Bringing in the much-needed financial discipline in your business

  • Christina-Cox
    Christina Cox
    President, KCAA Preschools of Hawaii

    Jim and his team from PABS really came to our rescue. We found ourselves shorthanded in accounting and they quickly and efficiently took over the accounts payable processing task. They are quick to complete the work, professional, accurate, and their frequent status updates keep us informed on the progress they’ve made.

  • he-icon
    Judy Lau
    Owner, Makakilo Nursery

    Joining PABS has allowed me time to focus on our core business. The services they provide are affordable, dependable, and efficient. The accounting team is always available to problem solve difficult situations and answer any questions that I may have. PABS has been a great asset to our company.

  • Micheal Galyen
    Michael Galyen
    Owner, NapaSport SteakHouse and Sports Lounge

    I have been working with the PABS team for three years now. I have been extremely satisfied with their services. The support of the team and the information they provide has been integral to the financial workings of our operation. I would highly recommend their services.

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