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Reimagining what Auto Care Operations Could be with Outsourced Accounting

Two auto care shop owners, Niel (Owner of Johnson Bros Auto) and Mark (Owner of Burke Auto Care), in a coffee shop, sharing day-to-day challenges of running the shops.

coffee talk

Niel: Running the shop is exhausting. It consumes all my time! Managing repairs, customers, and accounting operations is depriving me of business expansion.

Mark: I know, right! I spend 40% of my monthly average time number crunching in spreadsheets, invoices, and receipts.

Niel: And juggling with multiple responsibilities further increases the stress leading to inefficient processes and the risk of critical errors.

Mark: Yes, it’s a rollercoaster. These bookkeeping challenges are never-ending. Hey ya, are you attending the coming Convention?

Niel: Of course, I can’t miss the chance to meet other dealers and vendor partners.

Mark: Great! I am also planning for it. Niel, can you believe the possibilities there? So many innovative ideas floating around! Hoping to find a glimmer of hope!

Niel and Mark at the Bi-Annual Convention


While at the convention, one of the booths piqued their curiosity – Accounting Simplified.”

They made their way to the booth.

Bright (Outsourced Accounting Expert): Hey there, do you want to efficiently manage and streamline your accounting operation? Are bookkeeping tasks time-consuming?

Niel and Mark nodded their heads in agreement.

Bright: Ok! I have good news for you. You can overcome all your challenges just by outsourcing accounting.

You may be thinking how outsourcing can simplify accounting?

Niel and Mark sighed at Bright and nodded in agreement again.

Bright: Outsourcing accounting is the practice of offshoring daily, weekly, and monthly accounting responsibilities.

By outsourcing accounting, cash collections, vendor reconciliation, returned part management, timely bank reconciliation, and deposit sales reconciliation become seamless. You get access to certified professionals, helping keep the books clean and prepare for IRS form 1040.

Niel and Mark exchange intrigued glances.

Niel: But how about the costs? Will it break the bank?

Bright: Outsourcing is cost-effective. When you outsource accounting, you don’t need a full-time accountant. You can sidestep the financial burden of recruiting, training, and managing in-house accounting teams, plus the cost of employee benefits, PTO, IT, overhead, overtime, health insurance, and more. Also, professionals bring domain expertise to the table ensuring that you stay compliant with the changing regulations.

Niel: That’s interesting! What are the other benefits of shifting to Outsourced Accounting?

Bright: You save a lot of time. No more staying up late trying to balance the books! Your outsourced accounting partner completes auto parts inventory tracking before, during, or after business hours. And that too without any interruptions, helping you to maintain productivity and efficiency.

(Niel and Mark nod, realizing the potential benefits of outsourcing auto care accounting.)

Mark: But what about the transition?

Bright: No way! The ideal outsourced accounting partner is off to the races as soon as you sign the proposal. With standardized processes in place, the partner quickly ticks the implementation checklist and gets started.

You’re covered for the catch-up and cleanup of the bookkeeping records on industry-preferred software that includes, RO Writer, The Guru, Dealer Track, PathQuest AP, QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, Tekmetric, StockTrac, Protractor, VAST and more…

The outsourcing partner also works on reconciling your accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank statements, or other financial data. Accounting tasks are reviewed at multiple levels by the reviewer, team leader, and manager to ensure that the tasks performed meet the accounting standards.

Niel: Aaahhhh! I reimagined the auto-care accounting operation! By outsourcing accounting, I reward myself with a lot of time to focus on my passion – fixing cars!

Mark: (Thoughtful) “Hmm, having experts to manage company financials would allow us to focus on customer acquisition and innovation.

Niel: “And it would save us from the stress of balancing the books!”
(Bright hands them a brochure with more details)

Bright: “Precisely! With outsourcing, you gain efficiency and peace of mind.”
(Niel and Mark shake Bright’s hand with gratitude.)

Mark: “Thanks, Bright. We now see incredible possibilities and ways to take our business to the next level.

Niel: “We’re definitely giving outsourced accounting a shot!”

The Way Forward

Outsourcing helped Niel and Mark to transform their financial operations. The outsourced accounting team took charge, enabling them to focus on core business functions while reducing costs and staying compliant.

Like Niel and Mark, you can also explore intentional strategies like outsourcing accounting, a powerful solution that can revolutionize the way your auto care business operates.

Outsourcing empowers you to prioritize customer service and strengthen customer relationships, driving substantial operational efficiency and productivity.

Financial transformation of this magnitude often disconnects revenue growth from expenses, improving profit margin, and taking your auto repair shop to the next level.

It’s time to make a move from “in-house” to “outsourcing,” with the goal to do more with less, reduce operating costs, and create additional capacity by freeing critical resources to focus on growth.

By John Bugh

John Bugh is Chief Revenue Officer for Pacific Accounting and Business Services (PABS), responsible for the strategic direction, planning, vision, growth, and performance of the company’s marketing, branding, and revenue streams.

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