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PABS and WickedFile Collaborate to Innovate Financial Operations

[Texas, 12-13-2023] – Pacific Accounting and Business Services (PABS), a blended shore outsourced accounting firm, announced a key partnership with WickedFile, an AI-driven software solution tailor-made for automotive repair shop owners. This union marks a strategic move aimed at reshaping the landscape of business operations for Automotive Repair Owners.

WickedFile boasts seamless document organization, profit optimization, and seamless integration capabilities with existing tools, driven by its robust AI foundation.

“Teaming up with WickedFile aligns perfectly with our mission at PABS to revolutionize and elevate the way Automotive Repair Owners manage their financial operations,” said Mr. Anand Tated, Founder and CEO of PABS. “This partnership allows us to offer not just exceptional accounting services but also an innovative technological edge, ensuring our clients achieve unprecedented efficiency and profitability.”

The collaboration between PABS and WickedFile presents a unique blend of expert accounting services with cutting-edge AI technology. This combined offering aims to empower automotive repair owners to streamline their operations, capitalize on financial insights, and navigate the complexities of modern business with confidence.

Mr. John Bugh, Chief Revenue Officer at PABS, expressed excitement about the partnership’s potential impact. “Our collaboration with WickedFile amplifies our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that drive growth for our clients. By integrating WickedFile’s intuitive AI capabilities with our top-tier accounting services and PathQuest Business Intelligence Software, we’re enabling automotive repair owners to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.”

Mr. Alex Saladna, CEO of WickedFile, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Partnering with PABS represents a significant milestone for WickedFile. The synergy between our AI-driven software and PABS’s expertise in accounting creates a powerhouse solution for businesses seeking operational excellence. Together, we aim to redefine how businesses manage their operations and finances.”

The strategic partnership between PABS and WickedFile signifies a game-changing alliance set to transform the way businesses approach financial management. With innovation at its core, this collaboration promises a future where efficiency, profitability, and technological advancement converge seamlessly for businesses worldwide.

About PABS

For 14 years, PABS has been providing robust accounting solutions to small and medium businesses across the US, elevating business operations and maximizing profits. PABS drives impactful change by harmonizing people, processes, and technology. With over 900 skilled accountants known for their high accuracy, precision is ingrained in PABS’s DNA.

About WickedFile

Wicked File is an AI-driven software solution built by a shop owner, for shop owners. WickedFile uses AI to automatically organize your documents, capture additional profits, and seamlessly connect with your existing tools.

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