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PABS Inspires Executives at Franchise Leadership & Development Conference 2023 in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA, October 20, 2023 – Pacific Accounting and Business Services made a significant mark at Franchise Leadership and Development Conference (FLDC), exclusive event designed for CEOs, Presidents, Franchise Sales, & Development Executives. The conference presented franchise executives seeking inspiration and guidance on how to better grow their businesses.

PABS at FLDC 2023

PABS proudly sponsored the conference, where our Chief Revenue Officer, John Bugh, and Senior Vice President of Sales, Jeff Farr, took center stage. They engaged with franchise executives who value staying on top of trends as well as those looking to generate new ones, presenting numerous possibilities and opportunities while facilitating valuable connections.

Franchise executives had a unique opportunity to interact directly with PABS, discovering how our result-driven outsourcing solutions seamlessly handle the accounting and finance operations of franchises.

At the FLDC, PABS aimed to guide franchise executives toward opportunities that could positively transform and develop a standardized financial system. Our leaders exchanged insights in high-powered discussions about exclusive research data and new franchise growth strategies.

About PABS

For the last 14 years, PABS has been offering robust accounting solutions, thereby improving business operations & driving better profits. PABS brings an impactful change at the intersection of people, processes and technology. High-end accuracy is a trait that runs in the DNA of its 850+ Skilled Accountants. As a part of the accounting solution ecosystem, PABS has rolled out PathQuest BI (Business Intelligence), PathQuest AP (Accounts Payable), and PathQuest Scale.

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Chief Revenue Officer

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