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Pacific Accounting & Business Services (PABS) offering Robust Accounting Solutions

Accounting firms today face two major challenges pertaining to hiring and retaining quality staff and automating operations to develop advisory services. As a result, they are unable to mitigate the challenges of an ever-changing business environment and find their path to growth.

That’s where Pacific Accounting & Business Services (PABS) can help.

Founded in 2008 as a back-office accounting service provider, PABS has today emerged as a leader in outsourced accounting, tax, and audit services for accounting firms and SMBs. The ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company utilizes secure cloud-based technology to create streamlined systems that give businesses peace of mind and real-time access to their numbers.

As a part of the accounting solution ecosystem, PABS has rolled out two tools currently—PathQuest BI (Business Intelligence) and PathQuest AP (Accounts Payable). The company has implemented these tools for existing accounting customers and is also observing a tremendous amount of response and acceptance from prospects across the board. The reason is that the tools are exclusively available on the leading accounting software’s marketplaces.

Our goal is to be able create a complete and efficient ecosystem including a robust back-office for accountants, franchiser’s and SMB’s with not just the accounting software, but also a lot of ancillary tools,” says Anand Tated, the Owner of Pacific Accounting & Business Services (PABS).

“It is going to be extremely useful for all Accounting Firms and SMB’s wanting to scale their businesses.”

PathQuest BI is a highly intelligent business software that helps analyze as well as visualize large and complex data sets in a simpler manner. It helps the accountants and business owners understand the trends while enabling them to track and calculate risks and come up with effective decisions to improve the bottom line. It is the brainchild of thousands of hours of accounting expertise and experience. Integrating with leading Accounting Software, it gives clients BI reports and financial information on a single platform.

Similarly, to add more value, PABS has developed PathQuest AP that helps establish strong internal controls in the AP process—in a way to get rid of all the manual, cumbersome paper-oriented processes and bring the rigor and controls that only large enterprises had till date.

PABS also offers PathQuest Scale, which is a powerful blend of accounting and automation, helping accounting firms and Franchiser’s overcome their challenges, save time, and increase productivity, leading to better business outcomes. It’s a unique strategy that allows PABS to help customers automate and outsource the work. Some key benefits that the accounting solutions offer are high-quality work, automation and great savings—usually 40-60 percent—depending on the geographical area and complexity of work.

With regards to hiring and retaining key talent, PABS offers a true business partnership. Through a blended shore approach, the company performs customer interfacing roles in the U.S. and houses a team of 850+ accountants overseas, delivering high-quality results cost-effectively. Further, PABS has a dedicated implementation team that has implemented thousands of projects to onboard customers and ensure the highest quality, consistent services, and best results.

Being the leader in outsourced accounting, tax, and audit services, PABS’ distinguished benefit is the end-to-end solution that it offers. The company’s services are geared toward ensuring consistency in clients’ accounting operations and providing the expertise that they need to grow their business or practice respectively.

During our journey, we realized that Accountants and SMB owners do not have access to the tailored accounting solutions,” says Tated. “The broader reporting and business operational needs still remain unaddressed and this is the void we are trying to fill with our impactful solutions.”

Originally Publish at CFO Tech Outlook

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