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Outsourced Accounting: Enabling Accounting & Tax firms to have Sustainable Business Growth

May 19, 2022 11:00 am 1 Hour Watch Now
Research indicates that 30% of accounting firms across the US have already outsourced their accounting with another 50% planning to do so in the next 2 years.

Pacific Accounting and Business Services (PABS) invites you for an exciting webinar that would leave you feeling connected and knowing there are solutions to reduce operational cost and ways to build a profitable accounting practice.

Meet the Speakers

Jim Merrill
Jim Merrill
President, PABS USA
John Bugh
John Bugh
Chief Revenue Officer

Webinar Takeaways

  • Expert guidance on how a blended shore outsourcing model can help save up to 30% - 50% on operational expenses and overcome staffing challenge
  • How you can build a high-performing remote team to improve your bandwidth and gain fast access to qualified staff
  • Difference between the build vs buy model when planning to aggressively scale your business
  • Speed at the which the outsourcing transition can be accomplished
  • Knowledge transfer and training, implementation, process centralization and automation
  • Why outsource and its benefits

During our webinar, we’d love to address all the questions and concerns that come to your mind when you think about scaling your accounting practice.

Don’t Miss the Chance!

Rethink Revenue, Improve Profitability and Re-stablish Customer Confidence.

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