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Outsourced Accounting for Independent Auto Repair Shops & Franchisee Owners

August 31, 2021 12:00 pm 1 Hour Watch Now

Reduce Cost, Optimize Cashflow, Enhance Revenues

The automotive repair industry is consistently changing with new challenges and opportunities emerging every day. Choosing the right direction isn’t easy with so many moving parts in the background, yet standing still isn’t the option either. Independent auto repair shop and franchisee owners need a firm grip on their day to day operations, inventory tracking and insights to maximize opportunities while overcoming accounting and compliance challenges.

It’s not enough for auto repair shop and franchisee owners to just survive – they must thrive.

Here’s unlocking a myriad of opportunities for auto repair shop and franchisee owners through this outsourced accounting webinar.

Jim Merrill and Teresa Chiechi are the outsourced accounting experts for the auto repair industry. In this webinar, they will deep dive in to ways that will help;

  • Streamline accounting
  • Finance consolidation
  • Finance reporting
  • Establish internal controls
  • Simplify inventory tracking
  • Save 30-50% on operational cost

Save your seat and allow us to help you optimize today’s operations and plan for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Meet the Speakers

Teresa Chiechi
Teresa Chiechi
Chief Operating Officer, USA Markets
 Jim Merrill
Jim Merrill
President, PABS USA

Our Customers Love What We Do.

“After nearly three years working with Pacific Accounting and Business Services, we at Midas Hawaii can say that the team at PABS has our interest top of mind. Even more, the cost for the PABS service is about 50% of what we previously paid for an internal accounting staff. Their team has helped us create new reporting and procedures that led to better management and more profitable operation. Their detailed revenue, COGS and Gross Profit analyses have helped us to make informed decision for operations of our shops.”

Bob Pereira – Midas Hawaii

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