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PathQuest – The Subsidiary of PABS Attains Coveted Top 8 Finalist Spot for Accounting Tech of the Year Award

New York, August 2, 2023 – PathQuest, a pioneering force in the realm of accounting technology, proudly clinches a coveted place among the top 8 finalists for the prestigious Accounting Tech of the Year award, acknowledged by the renowned US FinTech Awards. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to PathQuest’s unwavering commitment to innovation, its relentless pursuit of excellence, and its role in shaping the future landscape of accounting technology.

In the face of a resounding response and an unprecedented influx of submissions, the competition was marked by intense rivalry. PathQuest’s submission, however, emerged as a shining beacon, capturing the discerning attention of an independent panel of judges. Rigorous evaluations ensued, punctuated by spirited debates, as the panel meticulously scrutinized a myriad of entries to identify the cream of the crop.

John Bugh, Chief Revenue Officer of PABS & PathQuest, commented, “Earning a place among the top 8 finalists for Accounting Tech of the Year serves as a testament to PathQuest’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what accounting technology can achieve. Our team’s steadfast commitment to innovation and unwavering pursuit of excellence has ignited our journey, and we’re profoundly honored to receive such recognition.”

PathQuest’s cutting-edge solutions have consistently revolutionized accounting procedures, bestowing businesses with empowerment and elevating industry standards to new heights. This achievement underscores the company’s core mission of simplifying complexities and equipping businesses with intuitive tools that foster sustainable growth.

As a distinguished finalist, PathQuest proudly joins a select cohort of trailblazers who are actively shaping the future contours of the accounting technology arena. The company’s unswerving vision and resolute determination have poised it to redefine conventional approaches to accounting and financial management.

Looking ahead, PathQuest remains steadfast in its commitment to pushing the envelope of innovation and delivering solutions that catalyze quantifiable impact. This recognition represents a significant milestone in the company’s trajectory, spurring it to relentlessly pioneer advancements within the realm of accounting technology.




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